Thursday, January 22, 2009

Where's my camera when I need it...

Austin and I went shopping today at Toys R Us for one of our little friends birthday party. As all parents know, toys + kids + shopping carts don't mix, so I let him down to look around. While looking, he decided he would take all the toys off the lower shelf and hop right up. It was so funny to see him on the shelf laughing and playing (thank goodness it was in the middle of the day and no one was there). This was also a perfect opportunity to grab a picture for my 365 journal, but of course who takes a DSLR into Toys R Us? So today's picture is brought to you by my LG camera phone...pretty good for a cell phone huh? What a moment!

BTW his price tag was only 10.99 what a bargain:)

My year, my story, one photo at a time!

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ahh too cute .. i knoe =w right mck mama would she brings that camera every weR SHE SHOCKS ME..