Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I'm a big boy now mommy...

Austin is no longer a baby, he is now officially a little boy. Today, we went to the Children's Hands on Museum and had a blast learning and discovering new things. He played and explored independently and as I watched from afar, I wondered if this was the beginning of learning to let go of every stage in his life. By this I mean, as much as I want him to stay a baby, he is not, and soon he will move onto a new stage and well, then I will have to do the same. I know it may sound crazy, but if the years fly as fast as the first, we may be in for trouble. On a positive note, I will have to say it was quit funny to watch him be a little boy...he was into everything and I mean everything. He wanted to play with the toys others were playing with (i.e. he was taking the toys away) and as a mother I wanted to give him what he wanted but at the same time I knew he had to learn to share and play nicely. Awww the things I need to teach him. Is this where I begin to read the self help books and guides to raising boys? LOL:) This is definitely a new journey and stage we are entering and all I have to say is, we'll be taking it one day at a time!

P.S. Excuse the wet shirt...he got a little crazy in the water!

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