Monday, January 26, 2009

In my back yard...

I felt like the paparazzi today and not because I was following a celeb, but because I was chasing a mountain! Here in the beautiful northwest, we are very lucky to be surrounded by beautiful mountains, trees, oceans, and lakes. Today had to have been the nicest day in about three months. So of course I leave the house without my camera and head off for running errands. Not long after we left the house did I realize that Mt. Rainer was out and very clear. Normally it can be seen by it's tip, but today the whole mountain was out. So, I quickly ran home and grabbed my camera to take pictures and before I knew it, I was chasing the mountain for it's perfect angle. After driving around for about an hour, I finally found the perfect angle. It a beautiful mountain that takes my breath away every time in graces us with it's presence. It's a must see! Hope you enjoy my picture for today:)

(Click on the picture to see the full size)

This second picture is taken in the same spot as the first, but I was lucky enough to be there as the sun was setting...absolutely stunning!

P.S. Sweetie this is for you...I thought of you the whole time. I am SO sorry that I did not get Heidi in this time I promise:) Love you...MUAH!

My year, my story, one picture at a time!



Boy was that worth chashing around. Wow we in fla do not see that at all and I have to say that picture made me want to be your neighbor and move .. I am in amazement that was beautiful and price less is correct that did in fact take my breat away how you captured that the lighting oh every thing was so perfect.. good job girly.. that is a wonderful show. a shot you think you would see in a maginize or some history book..

way to go.



ok stef i need a verse help a friend out?

Courtney and the Boys said...

Holy Mountain Shot, Batman!!!!!! That's amazing! Great shot!!!


jutka said...

When I saw these beautiful pictures my first tought was that it was Mt. San Helen with it's dented peak..
Mt. Rainer is hardly ever visible from Salem, where I live, but in clear days Mt. San Helen is lining up with our Mt. Hood and Mt. Jefferson. A beautiful sight.

The Thompson's said...

Wow Steph you suck! You get to see that kind of beauty everyday? How lucky are you? Very nice, thanks so much for sharing!

Love and Prayers,