Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Monday, February 8, 2010

We all LOVE a giveaway...

Head over to my photography blog for a chance to win one of two fabulous and fun camera straps...You won't want to MISS OUT on this one!! Good luck:)))

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Oh and a post is never the same for me without a picture...Here's a picture from my past. Me at two years old...Gotta love the "bowl haircut!"

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Bring on the snow...

It’s been snowing like crazy here since early yesterday morning…I believe we’ve gotten over a good foot and a half (so far)! This morning I decided to get out and brave the deep snow to take some pictures of my little man’s short adventure playing outside…lol! His hands got too cold and he could barely move in it. Maybe in the next couple of years, he’ll get to enjoy it as we did as kids. Hope you all are enjoying your weekend!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Let this be a lesson learned for every parent...

I originally was not going to write or post about my traumatizing evet this week, but I have since realized that this was a very important lesson for me to learn and If I can spare this from happening to another friend and parent, it's important for me to share. My son and I were out shopping and like most shopping trips it's a fight for him to sit in the proper seat strapped in. Since this was going to be a quick trip in, I allowed him to sit in the cart as long as he would listen and sit down. As we finished up gathering what we needed, I turned around for ONE SECOND and from that moment he stood up and fell out of the shopping cart landing on his back and head. I quickly swept him up and tried to calm him down. He continued to hold his head and tell me owie owie. From there, we drove to ER where they took him right in...there is no messing around when a possible head injury occurs. After the traumatizing neck brace, and CT scan it was determined that everything was good and clear...thank GOD! The moral of this story is ER+Neck brace+CT Scan= DO NOT let your child sit in the shopping cart basket. As a mother I was terrified and upset that I was responsible for my son ultimately getting hurt. You never imagine these situations actually happening to you, but when they do, it's a HUGE lesson learned. Thankfully this situation ended with a clear bill of health, but could have quickly turned to be more then just a bump on the head. So PLEASE if you are a parent reading this post; as a friend, I am telling you to learn from my mistake and think twice before placing your child in the shopping cart basket...

Monday, January 18, 2010

I PROMISE I am still alive...

I promise, promise, promise, I have not fallen off the face of the earth. In fact, I have actually been through a lot since Christmas and have now found a few moment to sit and recap. So to begin, the day after Christmas my husband, son, and I packed up the car and drove cross country back home to Virginia. While my husband was gone, Austin and I moved to Washington State where I am originally from to be with my family and friends (great support). We had a a wonderful year with my family and were so very sad to have to leave them. Now, we are back in Virginia and for the most part settled back into our home.

As for some REALLY exciting news, I am officially launching Stephanie Reeder Photography on January 30th at the Bristol Bridal Show. I have been working very hard in the last couple of weeks getting everything ready and in place. One of the many exciting new additions is my official website and photography blog. I would love for you all to check them out and let me know what you think. Photography is a passion and love of mine and I have decided that there is no better time in my life to follow my dreams. The Bristol Bridal Show is right around the corner and I am confident that everything is coming together as it should.

Thank you to everyone for their support and encouragement to get me this far on my journey. It truly means the world!!

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