Thursday, January 29, 2009

Where's Austin...

I was on the floor laughing so hard at this morning's little adventure...I was picking up the house and all of a sudden realized Austin was gone. Now, lately he has had a huge fascination with the stairs, so I immediately ran to see if he'd gone upstairs. When I found him not whee I thought he would be, my heart started to pound...where is Austin! LOL:) Well, there he was sitting in his toy box watching Oswald on Noggin...Oh my goodness! I just started laughing and quickly grabbed my camera...can you see...where is Austin!

It's OK MOM I am right here...

My year, my story, one picture at a time!



He is in teh Bucket Mommy too cute .. Oh I want his cheecks. they are adorable mommy .. my little cookie monster too cute..

love it..

what camers do you shoot with ?

jutka said...

Oh what a darling little boy! And clever too!

Courtney and the Boys said...

Congrats on the honorable mention on I Heart Faces this week! I love that my picture is in the collage right next to yours. :) Love it.

Enjoy your weekend!