Friday, January 23, 2009

Bargain shopping at it's finest...

Alright hold on to your mouths (so that they don't drop to the floor). I always shop for Austin at the GAP and Children's Place for two reasons...DEALS! Ok, now I know what all you mommies are thinking when it come to the GAP and trust me I know...they aren't cheap, but I have mastered the bargain technique to it's finest. So grab your paper and pencils and get ready to take notes!

When shopping at the GAP or any higher end children's store...NEVER buy at full price! Here is why:

1. They turn their clothes over so quickly...have you noticed GAP already has their spring clothes out. Last time I checked it was still 32 degrees out.

2. With a high turnover of clothes, comes great clearance prices. Shop one week and see full price, two weeks later it's on clearance. Three weeks or more later marked down even cheaper...ALWAYS shop on the clearance rack!

My friends and sisters make fun of me because they always see Austin in such expensive clothing and I always tell them that I never pay more then $8 for a shirt...NEVER! Of course they don't believe me, but I have this one to prove it:) Take this shirt (seen below) originally $34.50 regular price are you kidding me! Well guess how much I bought it for....drum roll please...$6.74 thank you I know! Do you know what kind of excitement I got out of that...It was great! So there you go mommies you can dress your kids super nice with a bargain price:)

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