Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Record Breaking...

Here in the beautiful Northwest, we have been experiencing very hot temperatures in the upper 90's. It's been so hot here that all stores are sold out of fans, and most affordable cooling's miserable. Washington is not use to these types of temperatures and hardly ever see long periods of time where the summer days are this hot. To give you a little factoid, only about 15% of the houses here in western Washington have air conditioning. We don't need it because it never gets too hot. Well now we are working on day 10 or so and today will be the worst with record breaking temperatures of 106...this is crazy! We are one of the many without air conditioning, but luckily our home sits back in the trees which produces a lot of shade. We will survive, but right now we are miserably hot and uncomfortable...I miss the rain!! LOL:)

Well for those of you in nice air conditioning, send me some in a bottle...hahaha!

***UPDATE*** I just heard on the radio that today was the hottest day EVER in Seattle history! While driving my car the temperature outside registered 106 degrees...WOW!

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jutka said...

We got 105 yesterday and today, but luckily I have air conditioner, otherwise couldn't take it, as I'm living in a mobilhone.

I sure miss the rain also here in Oregon, just hate to get up 6 AM to go outside and water my half-baked plants.
Take care!