Sunday, July 26, 2009

Come on MOM walk alittle faster we're going to the BEACH!

Austin and I had a fabulous day at the beach yesterday. We went out with some friends and played to out hearts content. Now, before you go and get all jealous that we were at the beach, it wasn't the kind of beach where you got in and swam. Here in Washington our beaches are cold and almost always overcast. It's not time for a bathing suites, it's time for a sweatshirt and jeans. Besides the weather, Austin and I had a great time playing in the water and sand...we even built our very own sand castle! It had the best time ever:)

I know that I don't post enough pictures of me on here, so here you go! It's different being in front of the lens then behind...

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Courtney and the Boys said...

Fun!!! And you're adorable. I love beach pictures!