Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Call "CODE" I've got a baby in Meltdown...

Awww the sound of silence...oh wait NO that's my son screaming in the background!

Let me just tell you how my night has gone...lol! Austin has started preschool twice a week to have more interactions with other children and not to mention give mommy a little time to herself while daddy is away. So today started like any other Tues/Thurs. we got up, got ready, and headed out the door to preschool. The day was great...mommy got to catch up on some much neglected laundry, cleaned the bathroom and so on. UNTIL, I picked my little man up from preschool this afternoon. I don't know what possessed him, but he was in meltdown mode from the time I picked him up at 4:30. He screamed, cried, and threw tantrums all the way to bed time. It got so bad that his normal bedtime which is 8pm quickly moved up to 7pm. He's the sweetest little guy I swear, but after today's episode, I wanted to put MYSELF in a straight jacket.

The funniest moment (not really) came at the point of making dinner for Austin. Normally he plays nicely while I cook dinner, but tonight, all he wanted to do was throw plates and bowls at mommy's feet so what do I do, I put him in his play pin for him to throw his fit elsewhere. Finally the macaroni and cheese that normally takes 10 minute to make (felt like forever) was finally done thirty minutes later. So we sit down at the table together to eat and he so beyond tired that the macaroni on the spoon was hitting his lap before making it to his mouth. So the nice mommy that I am, I took the spoon and started feeding him myself. Well that worked for about three spoonfuls and then he was done...hysteria broke lose and it was time to call CODE...the child was officially done and wanted no part in dinner, mommy, or even his most loved blanky. I finally had to say enough was enough it's off to bed we go...so he did! This was the hardest part of the night for me...letting him cry it out. After singing him my song...

Mommy loves you
Mommy love you
Yes I do
Yes I do
Your the best little one
I could ever wish for

Mommy loves you
Mommy loves you...

While screaming the whole way through...I shut the door and fell into the couch. I was pooped and it was only a couple of hours today that I had him. While some of you reading might be saying the whole way through...yup been there done that...I will have to say I felt like I was in a war zone. I felt horrible putting him to bed early and hearing him cry, but that's all I could do...nothing and when I say nothing I mean NOTHING was working. Needless to say my heart ached for the twenty minutes it took him to finally fall asleep...AWWW the sound of peace and quiet! Tomorrow is another day and he'll start fresh in the morning. As for me, I am now going to have to figure out how to release this straight jacket so I can head to bed myself...I may need the extra sleep in the morning!!

To all those parents who have been through this stage before...I will take any advice you have with open ears! Thanks for listening:)))

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