Monday, March 30, 2009

The next Mozart...

AWWW the sound of music fills our living room. Little Austin has taken to the piano and well I must say he's got in his genes. Joel (my husband) and his side of the family have been very blessed in the musical arena and so maybe Austin has well. I was amazed today when he climbed up at the piano and started playing. Now, I know he's not going to play like Mozart, but I could see that he had an ear for it. He played for a bit here and there, but at the same time he was gentle and at ease with the piano. I guess we shall see if Austin will be the next Mozart or! (See Austin's talking up a storm video below)

Well now I could not go without documenting this moment, so I quickly grabbed my camera and tried to video this event. It's only a glimpse of what was played, but I promise there will be more...enjoy!

Make sure to pause the music below before viewing this video

OK OK....Now at the same time as all this amazing music was being played I had to take a couple of here is my side of creativity!!

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My name is Kristen! said...

i love these piano shots!!