Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I just don't understand...

I am sorry for this moment of standing on my soap box, but I just have a hard time understanding people sometimes. Lately, I have been inspired to find a mentor or someone to follow on site with photography. It's great and all to read read read all you can about photography, but there is something about hands on work that gets the inspiration flowing. So, I have sought out a couple photographers to see if they would be willing to mentor a mom who only want to learn to take better photos of her child and close friends. After a couple of attempts, I realized how weird people can be about their talent. I get that you don't want to teach someone in fear of them taking your clients, but HELLO you have a website with your work all over it...clue #1! Also, I am not out to take anyones business, I just want to learn more about photography. If I had a talent like some of the photographers I follow, I would love to be an inspiration to them and help them learn more of their passion. Life is too short to have beautiful talent and not share it. I will have to say that I am so thankful for the many photogs out there who love to share...just to name a few Gina with Peahead Prints (ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS WOMAN), the ever so wonderful and addicting Pioneer Woman, and one of my favorite sites with tons of wonderful people is I Heart Faces. Even though I know these individuals are only an e-mail away, I want SO badly to be onsite and learn first hand about photography...shoot I am willing to pay if thats how one wants to work.

I don't know....blah...blah...blah! I just wish people would be a little less selfish and more productive in the world...why not pay it forward. We have all been in the same spot and I am sure you once wished someone would have been nice enough to help you, but no! Sorry I am getting off my soap box now...I feel much better!


Amy @ Living Locurto said...

Interesting post:-) So the people you sought out said they didn't want to help you, or just felt they didn't have the expertise to offer?

I think artists can be the most critical and insecure people about themselves. I'm an artist and am always thinking I could do way better than I do. But I'm the type that loves to help people. Maybe you just haven't approached those people yet. Keep trying:-)

Tim said...

If I lived close to you I would be more than happy to share any knowledge I have from the Bachleors degree in Photography I have. Too bad your not in Texas.

Love and Prayers,


Anonymous said...

I posted this over on I Heart Faces Network as well.

Stephanie, nice post because I'm sure there are a lot of other people out there besides yourself that feels the same way that you do. First of all, I think you need to remember that artists can be a different breed. I think there are less that would not help you then would help you out.

The ones that will not help are really not the ones you want help from anyways. Besides they probably have a personality as a rock. They are arrogant and think a little to high of themselves anyways. They also feel somewhat threatened and I can't ever understand why, you are NOT asking for their client list. You just want to learn a few tricks on fine tuning your photography skills to take pictures of your son. I hope these people are reading this and think about how childish and rude it makes them look.

You have many wonderful photographers even on this site whom would feel flattered and honored that you admire their work. These photographers would love to help you grow as a photographer. They do not feel threatened and probably if anything welcomes the competition if you decided to even pursue your passion to a further step. After all you are correct, we all start from the same place.

I have met many great photographers that are so willing to share their tips and tricks. If I were in their shoes, I would feel so honored and thrilled that someone would want me as a mentor. After all, isn't that the biggest compliment of all.

B Dad

♥spoiled mommy♥ said...

Hey girl I am right there with ya!! I totally understand what you are going through!! Last night I questioned, I begged for someone to help me on Twitter-it took me finally going knock knock knock on the screen and asking if I was invisible for anyone to answer me! To me there is soooo much to learn its a bit overwhelming, I need to sit back and realize I need to do just one step at a time-easier said than done.
I dont know what it is, I was beginning to take it personally that no one wanted to help me BUT I have found a few great people that have taken their time to help me...and have a lot of patience too. haha
Boybarian Dad has been very helpful and kind-stick with him. Also Angie has helped me over at I heart faces-she is such a sweetheart.Kelli has also been kind enough to help me as well, here is her site

They are hard to find, I dont know if its because they dont want to help or dont have the time but I suggest to keep shooting people who you enjoy their work/style emails- someone is bound to write back eventually.

Im on twitter it ya ever want to chat or you can email me, I will be glad to share whatever/ if ever I learn anything with ya!!

Good luck girl, you dont need it though your pictures are GORGEOUS!!