Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A new stage and a right hander...

Well we have entered a new stage with Austin and that is he is eager to feed himself. It was quite the sight this evening when I gave Austin a spoon and a plate of mash potatoes. It's amazing how children watch and mimic your every actions. I couldn't believe how he dove right in and started feeding himself like he'd been doing it forever...lol! I also realized while he was eating that he is right handed which is funny coming from two left handed parents...how does that work? Well, our baby is changing by the day...wonder what tomorrow will bring? Good night:)

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Tim said...

Great job Buddy!

Hey Steph, sorry I've been a bit absent here. Ive had too uch on the plate lately. We are doing well, thanks for asking. Seems you guys are doing well too. That video of A-man was great! I love seeing him in pictures, but seeing him on video??? Lets just say its safe to say we wnat MORE of THAT!! LOL

Love and Prayers,