Thursday, August 27, 2009

Pics for the Family...

So, I've been in trouble (not really) with my husband and mother in law these past couple of days for not posting new pictures of the little man, so for my love and best mother in law in the world, here you go:)

One of Austin's favorite things to do on vacation was play in the water and sand. I quickly found out that he loves the water and has NO fear around it. By the end of the two weeks, Austin was jumping in and acting like he owned the pool...seriously it was so funny to watch...hahaha! This set of pictures was taken at our last trip to the beach. I was always so afraid to take my camera around the sand, but I figured it was my last opportunity to take some photos of Austin loving the water. So here's a bit of a sneak peak...more pictures to come!

Oh yes, my sister took this photo of me while on a boat trip of the Napali Coast Line

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Vanessa said...

What great photos! You guys look like you are having a blast!