Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I did it...I DID IT...

Rocks, cliffs, river crossings and all I hiked the Napali Coast Line. For all of those who know me...including my husband...lol, know that I am very much a girly girly. My form of camping is staying in a cabin and maybe camping out in an RV. Well now I can know prove that I can do it...because I did:)

We started off on our hike at 10am to beat the heat and in the first mile going straight up a rocky cliff line, I thought maybe I couldn't do this and should just hang back, but I decided that I was going to concur this hike a 100%. After putting my mind to it, it seemed to get easier or so I told myself...lol! Anyhow, two miles in was a secluded beach which could only be reached by foot or boat. This beach was so beautiful with it's crystal clear water, rocky edges, and surrounding mountainsides. It was truly breathtaking. After hanging out at the beach for a bit, we headed back onto the trail for an additional two miles up to the grand finale. This hike was an epic adventure to say the least for me, but it was so worth it when we reached the waterfall. I have never stood so close to a waterfall so amazing. It was just like in the movies where you had a beautiful waterfall with a swimming hole underneath it. We did get in, but did not stay in for long...it was FREEZING! After our dip in the water, lunch, and a small break, we headed back for the four mile return home. This morning needless to say I am sore, bruised, and well nearly paralyzed from the eight mile adventure of the Napali coast line. Let's just say that I am super stoked for the catamaran trip today that we are taking today...Relaxation at it's best and views of the Napali coast to recap my victory I accomplished yesterday. Hope you all enjoy the pictures!!

This was our bathroom accommodations...Trust me I held it for the eight hours! YUCK!!

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Kristen said...

Hey..love this! This is the same trip Dave and I took on our honeymoon....so funny! I was SOOOO sore the next day:) Enjoy the rest of your time...miss you:)