Thursday, December 18, 2008

Winter Wonderland...

It's a winter wonderland out here in Washington State. For the last forty-eight hours we have been coated in over four inches of snow and it's beautiful. I haven't seen it snow like this since I was a child and now that I have one of my own it's oh so fun to go out and play in it again. For those of you who live where snow is normal, don't laugh when I say that our town has been shut down for the last two days. No school, work, and barely any stores open. Everyone here stays inside warm and cozy. Our family has certainly enjoyed the cozy and warm. For the last two days my family and I have enjoyed making cookies, playing in the snow and wrapping up in our blankets watching movies.

I never thought I would turn into someone who enjoys baking, but I had a blast making these cookies...Instead of using a chocolate kiss on top of a sugar cookies try using the Hickory Farm melt away mints....YUMMY!

This was Austin's picture last year when it snowed in Virginia...He was so thrilled that mommy dragged him out into the snow for a picture. Can you see it in his!

This year was different! When Austin woke up the first day it snowed, I swear he stood at the door for atleast thirty minutes trying to figure out what was all over the ground and falling from the sky. When I finally took him outside to play, he at first was yet again not thrilled until he figured out how to move around in it.

Here is our dog Heidi and Austin playing fetch. Ready...Set...BREAK! Already we are grooming him to be the starter back football player!

As an adult, I have somewhat lost the true feeling of Christmas...This year is especially special to me. My husband is on route to be home for the holidays and I can't thank god enough for sending him my way. It's been hard to be on my own, and being a family for Christmas will make the holidays feel as they should. Plus...I have always wanted a white Christmas:) We shall see if this beautiful snow sticks around!! Take care:)))

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