Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Our trip to the Zoo....Amazing!

Our time is coming to an end and while emotions are gaining quickly, I had a moment to soak in the zoo with my boys. Austin, Joel, and I packed up for Nashville the other day to spend a couple of days together as a family. While in Nashville, we were able to enjoy the local zoo as a family. It was so wonderful to see Austin so excited about the zoo. I took him last year and well of course he was too little to understand or realize that there were actually animals to see and experience. This time was more then just experiencing the animals, it was experiencing the animals with daddy. The two of them ran around the zoo like children on Christmas eve...around every corner was a new adventure or animal to see. The park was beautiful and of course I took the opportunity to take a thousand or more pictures of my guys together. It feels so wonderful to be filled again as a complete family and as I know the time is coming to end, I am hoping that the days go by slowly. Joel is heading back to Afghanistan on Sunday as Austin and I are back to Washington. It's seems like the time has gone by too quickly (as it always does), but I know we're almost through and in six months time we'll be together again as a family for good. Please keep us in your prayers...we'll definitely need it in the coming days. As for now, please enjoy our pictures at the zoo together. We had SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much fun!!

As always, I have taken too many pictures to share in one post, so I have found a solution...I am posting my favorite pictures and the rest are in a slide show below...Enjoy:)))

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Clare said...

your pictures and the zoo look great!! so much fun for you guys:)