Saturday, May 2, 2009

More time spent as a fmaily in Kentucky...

The time spent here in Kentucky has been wonderful! Joel and I have soaked up every moment so far with Austin. We've taken him to the park, fun plaza, and to his great Aunts house to see the horses. We're even planning a trip to the zoo next week in Nashville (stay tuned for pictures) much fun! I promise when I have more time I will write more about our time together and how it's been to be a family again, but for now picture will have to do until I have the time to sit down and write...hope you enjoy!!

Joel and I took Austin out to his aunts house to see the horses. He was a little hesitant at first, but quickly warmed up with daddy by his side...

Here is where Austin realized that the horses actually moved...he reacted very quickly to the horse moving into his personal!

After daddy took Austin up on his shoulder and by the hand Austin was all about visiting with the horses...So cute!

Austin even got to go outside and ride the lawn mower with his daddy...he had a blast until he threw a fit when he had to come back in...

Here is where Austin had to come in...he watched daddy the whole time from the window:)

Well I suppose that's it for now, sorry for the lengthy post...I couldn't just pick one:)))

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Courtney and the Boys said...

Um, please don't apologize for the pics...they are PRECIOUS!!!! My fav is the first one...what a great composition. I'm so glad you guys have this time together.

I'm coming to KY tomorrow to visit my brother before he leaves for Iraq later this month. He just moved to Ft. Knox with his fam and we haven't seen them in a year. Looking forward to it! :)

Enjoy every second!