Monday, November 10, 2008

The free spirit is off on another adventure...

I dropped my sister Christy off today at the airport for her year long adventure in Australia. It was so hard to let her go, but I know she will be making some wonderful memories to come home and share. My sister traveled last year with my cousin Sarah in New Zealand for six months and then on the way home traveled Australia and Fiji. This time around she is going with one of our really close friends Amy. Amy went out and visited my sister in New Zealand and while she was there caught the travel bug like my sister. Their plan is to travel the beaches in Thailand for eleven days before heading out to Australia for a much fun!

The last couple of months have been wonderful having my sister home. As kids we were close in age, but always seemed to be going different directions. Now as adults we are super close and more like best friends. I am going to miss having her around to hang out with and talk to, but I will hopefully be seeing her soon when our family goes to visit in the coming months (keeping fingers crossed).

To my sister and Amy, be safe, don't talk to strangers, and have the time of your life! Love you both...MUAH!

If those of you who read this blog could keep my sister Christy and Amy in your prayers that would mean the world to me!

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Bethany said...

We will definitely keep them in our prayers. Sounds like so much fun. Take care hon.