Sunday, November 8, 2009

Lets do the dance!

Awww isn't he just the cutest little chicken you have ever seen!! Not only was he the cutest little chicken, he was also the cutest little birthday boy as well:) My little man turned two on Halloween and boy did he party down. Austin didn't really understand what a "birthday" was, but he certainly understood that the party was for him. We started out our afternoon at the mall for a little treat or treat much fun! Austin caught on real quick that if you opened your bag, you got yourself a little treat. Each time he would get a new piece of candy, he want to sit down in the middle of the mall to check it! After our adventure at the mall, we headed home for a dinner party with my family. After dinner we had cake and ice cream, gift opening and most important a visit from daddy. Joel got the opportunity to leave work early to join his son on his second birthday. It was so cool to have him there via skype to watch Austin open his presents, and get messy with the cake. Overall, we had a great day celebrating Austin's birthday and getting funky with the chicken dance!!


This was Austin last year around his he really has grown into a little boy!

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