Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sound the alarm the baby has escaped!

So a certain someone who has tiny feet and hands decided to climb out of his crib last night and to my surprise ended up in my bed for the night. Guess who is also going to go to the store today and buy a canopy tent to go over his crib...LOL! What a FUN night!!

P.S. Just so you know my son is only 15mo. old and already a monkey!


Clare said...

oh my gosh! bradley has only climbed out of the crib once, hopefully it won't happen again!! I know I will be buying one of those tents too:)

The Thompson's said...

Hey theres an award over at my blog for ya! Go pick it up when you get the chance!


my goodness you have your hands full

Guess what Emma did the same thing same age I had to put her in a bed too. lol

ok exciting news I got the d90 tonight

and alread started shooting and love it . what a truck huh heavy litttle machine but it has every thing and how easy to use my goodness I have become the next biggest fan of nikon lol thanks for the cool report.


hey girl friend please check my blog and see if you like some picture in my side bar you will know it when you see it. reason why I ask is cause I see you do not have one and I click on your site every day. love seeing austin and your blog girly. so let me know if you like it well whick one ok.


hey you I did that for you girly which one do you like missy i CLICK ON YOUR BLOGGY EVERY DAY AND NEEDED SOMETHING TO GET TO IT FASTER SO I thought Button

there are two which do you ;oke I diodnt want to post the coes until you saw it and said if it was ok and all since it is your son and his pic let me know and send me a e-mail so i can send a code for you to post it..

hiugs running out the dorr will chat later love the camera ? how did you do the picture of you with the camers what dial di you use chat later huh running out door gabbys party is tomorrow 13 kids yikes in a theme park hugs michelle

Debra said...

That's always a scary thing when they learn to climb.