Friday, February 13, 2009

Mom of the year award...for real!

I want to say thank you to a great friend Michelle over at Circle of Life. She is such a wonderful person and definitely thinks of other before herself. After my heart ache yesterday with Austin's fall, she went and made the mother of the year award for me...what a great friend. From a mother to another, she understands the heartache and sacrifices we make for our children. Thanks Michelle and Courtney for making me feel better about my traumatic experience yesterday. You both are WONDERFUL. Have a great weekend:)))

Oh yes, while I am at it, thank you Tim over at Fort Thompson for awarding me an award for my "Charming Blog." Now Tim, all you have to do is teach me how to link other sites so that I can pay it forward and award others with this wonderful award. Thanks you for thinking of me! :)))



you are so welcome I think you are a great friend and mother. I love austin and seeing his pictures brightings my day . I love to come and read and listen to teh nice soothing music on your blog and one day MAYBE i WILL BORROW A SONG I change the music acording to teh mood from time to time.

I'm glad you saw your award . you have a great happy joyful sweet week end friend.

Tim said...

Hey there, so glad Austin is ok. Its always scary when something happens to one of your own.

Shoot me your email address and I will send you the directions for setting up a link in your posts.

Love and Prayers,


Lolli said...

That is such a cool set of awards! Congrats! You deserve them!


hope you are all feeling well, miss ya ...